Teacher Training

Level 3 Award in Education and Training

PTLLS Course Replacement

This is the brand new qualification that replaced the PTLLS course from 1 September 2014! This qualification is aimed at learners who are new to teaching or those that do not have a teaching qualification and it comprises of three units:

  • Unit 1 – Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher/trainer and the skills required to create an effective learning environment.
  • Unit 2 – A practical unit whereby each learner is required to plan, deliver and evaluate their own 15 minute micro-teach on a subject of their choice. It focuses on the importance of an inclusive learning environment and meeting individual learning needs.
  • Unit 3 - Investigates the different types of assessment within teaching and how assessment is a an important element of successful teaching.
  • Course Description

    This 4 Day, part-time level 4 course based in Enfield, North London is intended for those who are interested in taking an associate teaching role or intending to practise as a tutor, instructor and/or trainer of young people and adults. This threshold qualification will provide the basic minimum standard to enable you to teach students aged 16-19 and adults in a range of settings such as further education colleges, adult and community providers and work-based learning contexts, voluntary, community, public and private organisations. Achievement of this qualification confers threshold status to teach in the Lifelong Learning and Skills Sector.

    What qualifications do I get?

    Level 3 Award in Teaching and Education

    How will I be assessed?

    Assessment tasks include the preparation and planning of a 15 minute micro-teaching session. Written tasks will include writing reports and summaries.

    What standards do I need in order to join the course?

    You must:

  • Be able to read and communicate clearly and accurately enough to meet the requirements of the training,
  • Hold a vocational and/or academic qualification of at least one level above that of the learners taught and ideally hold a level 3 qualification in one's own subject specialism,
  • NOT have a criminal record which might prevent you from working with children/young people or vulnerable adults.
  • You will also need:

  • ICT skills (or be willing to develop them).
  • What equipment will I need?

    In order to present your work to a professional standard, and to do on-line research, you will need access to a computer with internet access. Other materials will include those relevant to your subject specialism. We recommend the book 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector' by Ann Gravells.

    For students new to academic writing we recommend Stella Cottrell’s ‘The Study Skills Handbook’ as a reference book.

    Where can I go from here?

    If you wish to take on a full teaching role and achieve Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills status (QTLS), you could, instead progress onto the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS). Alternatively, you may wish to study to become a qualified assessor at the Adult Learning Academy.

    Supplementary info

    You will be expected to register with the Institute for Learning.

    Course Fees


    Areas Covered: Enfield and surrounding areas in North and East London. Call us today for more details.

    Course Details

    Course Fee: £275

    Wednesday from 11am - 3pm

    Course dates

    • 06 September 2017 – 27 September 2017
    • 15 November 2017 – 06 December 2017
    • 14 February 2018 – 14 March 2018
    • 06 June 2018 – 27 June 2018

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