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GCSE / A-level Exam Centre

A-Level and GCSE Exam Centre. Take your exams with us here in the afternoons or evenings. Exams can be taken with the following awarding bodies:

  • AQA
  • OCR
  • WJEC
  • Please download the exam entry form here


    GCSE (Fees are per subject) plus any Late Entry Fees if you apply after the deadline One subject: English or English Language or English Literature £550 (Fee includes 25 hours group tuition and supervised sessions for C.A.)
    One subject: History £370 (Fee includes C.A. sessions and marking)
    One subject: Statistics (1 public exam and 1 C.A.) £240
    One subject: Maths (linear subject with 2 or 3 public exams and no C.A.) £95 or £550 for exam which includes 30 hours group tuition)
    One subject: Foreign language £300 (Fee includes 2 hour preparation for oral exam)
    One science subject: Bio, Chem or Phys £550 (Fee includes 25 hours with the science teacher in a small group setting and supervised session to complete C.A. task)

    IGCSE plus any Late Entry Fees if you apply after the deadline

  • IGCSE Foreign Language £350 (fee includes 2 hour preparation for the oral exam)
  • IGCSE any subject without Controlled Assessment £150
  • IGCSE Double Award Science £300
  • A-LEVEL (Fees are per each unit or per level) plus any Late Entry Fees if you apply after the deadline

  • One AS or A2 module/unit without coursework £95
  • One AS or A2 module/unit with coursework £350 (includes 3 hours tuition
  • AS Foreign Language £270
  • A2 Foreign Language £270

    All examinations must be paid in full before we can register you with the examination boards. Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Card payment (we accept card payments over the phone)
  • EXAM DATES: Please enquire when you can take your next exam

    Our examination venues are located in Ponders End, Enfield. When you have booked all your examinations we will enter you for your chosen exams and email you your Statement of Entry. This is an official document, which states all the exams you have been entered for, along with their dates and times. Please keep it safe, as you will be required to bring it to each of your exams.


    Our application process is very simple and straightforward. Start by downloading the Exam Entry Form Next, fill the form in very carefully, using CAPITAL LETTERS and clear, black ink. Please note: for GCSE exams, select the correct tier: Letter H stands for Hier tier, letter F stands for Foundation tier. For example, if you are taking AQA Maths exam (43601) write 43601F if you wish to sit Foundation and 43601H for Higher tier.

    Note: UCI number - if you have taken public exams in the UK before, this will be printed on your previous results. It has 13 characters (12 letters and a digit). Please make sure you give us correct number, as this is very important. If you don't have a UCI number, please write NO UCI in the space provided. We will issue you with a new number, which you will use from now on. Contact details: telephone number, e-mail - we may need to contact you if we have questions about your booking Please double check the details provided, to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, particularly in your name and UCI number. When you are happy that everything is correct, please print the document and sign and date both pages. You may scan and email the document to us, or bring it personally if you are local. You are required to make full payment for your exams at the time of application (bank transfer if applying by email, cash or card in person or over the phone). Please note: when making bank transfer, please use the 'reference' field to make notes for us - so we can easily identify your payment. For example: Exam Fees Adam Browne.

    If you email us, we will reply to confirm we have received your application. You will be kept informed of its progress. When we receive your complete application, we will register you for your exams with the examination boards. The board (or boards) will then send us confirmation of your exam registration - known as Statement Of Entry, which we will forward to you. Please keep this document safe. Statement of Entry will have your details on it, and the details of all the exams you entered for within that board. You will be required to bring this document to each of your exams. Statement of Entry displays your exam dates and time (PM). Our PM exam starts at 5.00pm - please arrive between 4.30pm and 4.45pm. If you are late for your exam, you may not be allowed to sit the exam.


    On your exam day please arrive on time. If you arrive late for your exam, you may not be permitted to enter the examination room.

    Please go straight to the reception desk and show your ID and Statement of Entry. You will be allocated to a specific examination room. Please wait in the waiting room until you are called to your exam. Use this time to check that you have everything you need for your exam - for example pencil, black pen, calculator, water bottle (no label allowed), texts (when permitted), etc.

    Please take the time to read the posters displayed in the waiting room : Information for Candidates, Mobile Phone poster, Warning to Candidates - which will also be displayed outside and inside your examination room.

    If you have a mobile phone with you, switch it off and leave with your belongings in a secure place in reception. If you take it with you to the examination room, you must hand in your mobile phone to the invigilator before the examination starts. If you are found to have any unauthorised materials on you, you will be asked to leave the examination room and you will be disqualified from your examinations.

    When you enter the examination room, please have your candidate number to hand, as you will be seated in the candidate number order. This is a 4-digit number, which will be printed on your Statement of Entry. You are now ready to start your examination, please follow your invigilator's orders. Good luck with your exams!

    Exam dates and fees

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    Areas Covered: Enfield and surrounding areas in North and East London. Call us today for more details.