About the Adult Learning Academy

About Us

The Adult Learning Academy is a company focused on all aspects of training. The company started in 2001 teaching the core curriculum subjects to children ages 5 -16 year of age.

From then on it expanded to a Driving School, an Adult Learning Academy, Instructor Driver Training and Summer Schools for European students, company training as well as providing HomeStay accommodation for students from abroad.

The company's vision is to provide success on all aspects of your learning whether it is ensuring your staff excel too becoming a teacher in the lifelong learning sector. Our aim is to ensure all learners achieve their intended qualification and hence achieve 100% success.

We provide free Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) when applying to one of our courses to ensure our learners understand all aspects of the course as well as an Induction to the courses. Our courses are also the most competitive on the market and price match is guaranteed!

Our trainers are all qualified lecturers with many years of experience in their sector. Our staff are inspected on a consistent basis to ensure outstanding quality is provides in all the courses offered.

With the Adult Learning Academy, you will succeed in your chosen pathway as we inspire achievement and consistently support all our learners.